Frequently Asked Questions

-Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship worldwide? How much is shipping?

Where is my package? Lost, Delayed, or Missing Packages

What type of payments do you accept?

What is the Rewards program (Elan Points) and how does it work?

What is your return policy?

When will your transfer designs be restocked / released?

Can you make my design? Do you do custom sheets?

I have a retail store and want to sell your transfers. Do you wholesale?

Are Elan Transfers food safe and lead free?

Can I use Elan Transfers on.......

Do you have application instructions? I didn't get my instructions?

What materials do I need to apply Elan Transfers?

Can I apply transfers to bisqueware and greenware?

Can I apply Elan Transfers over or under underglaze?

Will Elan Transfers stick to my kiln shelf?

The ink smears when I wipe after bisquing?

What glaze do I put on top of the transfers?

What temperature and kiln atmospheres can I use with Elan Transfers?

Can I use your transfers at a Paint Your Own Pottery place?

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