Frequently Asked Questions

-Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship worldwide? How much is shipping?

What type of payments do you accept?

What is your return policy?

When will your transfer designs be restocked / released?

Can you make my design? Do you do custom sheets?

I have a retail store and want to sell your transfers. Do you wholesale?

Are Elan Transfers food safe and lead free?

Can I use Elan Transfers on.......

Do you have application instructions? I didn't get my instructions?

What materials do I need to apply Elan Transfers?

Can I apply transfers to bisqueware and greenware?

Can I apply Elan Transfers over or under underglaze?

Will Elan Transfers stick to my kiln shelf?

What glaze do I put on top of the transfers?

What temperature and kiln atmospheres can I use with Elan Transfers?

Can I use your transfers at a Paint Your Own Pottery place?

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