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About Elan Transfers

Elan Transfers provides fun, unique, and high-quality underglaze decals for contemporary ceramic artists to use in their own studios. After years of using custom decal designs on my own work, people began reaching out asking where they could get fresh transfer designs to use as well. So, in 2018 I began working with graphic designers and fellow artists to create new designs with the contemporary ceramicist in mind. After just one year in full swing, Elan Transfers now offers over 65 different designs in a range of colors! We are looking forward to the future with new color options, artist licensed patterns, charity benefit designs, instructional videos, and overglaze decals. From our own handmade pottery to our specialty transfers we have a fine attention to detail and hold customer service and craftsmanship as our primary goal. We hope you enjoy using our Elan Transfers and would love to see what you create with them!

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